Apps coming to your living room

Looking past the smoke and digital mirrors (Samsung, that trippy display still haunts me) of CES, there some substantial changes laid out by the presenters.

Many consumer electronics companies already offer access to Netflix movies via Ethernet connections on Blu-ray players and televisions. A few even have widgets for Twitter and Facebook.

But the next phase is open development of apps for television. The wireless industry embraced this concept some time ago and now the TV industry is following suit. Samsung for one said they will be seeking apps from third-party developers. Others are likely to adopt this approach as well.

But as the television becomes more like Apple Inc.‘s iPhone, one must wonder if the apps will be worth it. There are plenty of questionable mobile apps on the market, many are purely for entertainment purposes.

As we kill more time with these apps, it begs the question of whether or not the original medium matters anymore.

Consider smartphones and their brethren. The companies sell us on MP3 playback, video and oooooooooooooooh live TV on your phone!

And you can also talk on them too…

Now we bring the same action to TV in the home. Update Facebook, send tweets and who knows what else from your couch.

Oh and by the way, you can watch shows on your television too…

Are we THAT bored with talking to each other?

Do we no longer care what’s on new on “Desperate Housewives”?

Must we look to apps to guide us through the new decade?

Actually there is an app for that. It gives you random pieces of advice whenever you shake your mobile phone.

If they figure out how to implant that app directly into your brain, we may all turn into bobblehead dolls.

About Joao-Pierre S. Ruth
New York tech correspondent for Xconomy, tech writer for Investor Uprising, and aspiring urban fantasy writer. I also make brownies and crème brulee.

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