AT&T and T-Mobile USA merger widens gulf among carriers

It just got a little roomier at the top. The once neck-and-neck battle for dominance in the wireless market changed drastically Sunday with a deal that would bulk up the largest carrier in the country.

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Digging a bigger foxhole in the wireless war

The pitched battle between Verizon Wireless and AT&T may dominate headlines, but the fight for domestic wireless share could see a change among the other belligerents. If rumors from the trenches prove true, a deal is being discussed to potentially create a more potent number three among wireless providers in the United States.

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iPhone 4 and Verizon Wireless consumate courtship

With the long-anticipated and finally confirmed debut of Apple Inc.‘s iPhone 4 on the Verizon Wireless network, the pressure will be on to deliver the smooth service some users have clamored for.

In about one month, the first Verizon Wireless customers will have the opportunity to join the ranks of iPhone-philes. Existing wireless contract holders with AT&T will have to decided if they want to pay the expense of switching to a new carrier or stick to their guns as a new market for the iPhone opens.

Apple iPad has its debut, crowd goes wild for now

Apple Inc.‘s much anticipated tablet device has landed in many eager hands.

More than 300,000 WiFi-only iPads were sold in the first day, though it did not sell out.
For some who pre-ordered the device online just shy of the launch, the wait will be longer. Days before the launch Apple shifted the delivery date back to April 12 for Web orders.
Apple plans to release 3G-enabled iPads in late April.
The rush is also on to deliver content for the iPad. Apple said iPad owners downloaded more than one million apps and 250,000 e-books after the launch.
While initial reviews are positive, how iPad plays on AT&T‘s wireless network will be a potent test. AT&T caught flak from iPhone users or for spotty service, a problem that arose in part after consumers glutted the network with apps for their smartphones.
As demand grows for iPad apps the strain on wireless data networks may rise. WiFi may alleviate some of the clogging though users looking for dedicated high-speed throughput from a wireless provider have little choice but AT&T.
We shall see how this strategy pans out for Apple and AT&T.